Nine out of ten anti-vaxxers agree “We are smarter than doctors”

In a recent study conducted by internet users who are against vaccines, 90% of respondents agreed that they are smarter and more educated about medicine and vaccines that doctors.

“The fact that they don’t regularly read Info Wars, Mercola and Natural News just shows how dumb they are,” said Erin from Health Nut News. “They are taught all this crazy medical information and science in med school which totally corrupts their minds.”

It goes without saying that anti-vaccine advocates are more woke than most people, especially when it comes to the dangers of modern medicine.

“The things I know would blow your mind,” said one mommy blogger. “I have done more research on the dangers of vaccines, chemtrails and fluoride than any doctor. FACT.”

Many anti-vaxxers brag about the amount of “research” they have done on the internet and the study also found that 9 out of 10 anti-vaxxers consider themselves “very educated” even though many did not attend college or university.

“I got my education from life,” said stalwart anti-vaxxer and Oscar snubbed Jenny McCarthy. “That and Google of course.”


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