New Google plugin, "Echo Chamber" will only show results you agree with

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A new Google search plugin announced today by the company will allow users to block out any search results that don’t conform to their preconceived ideas. Nicknamed The Echo Chamber the plugin is available for download for free from the Google store.

“What this basically does is allow people who say don’t believe in science, to not have any scientific entries show up in their search results: things like vaccines being safe, evolution, GMO food being safe to eat, etc.” explained Google CEO Sundar Pichai. “They will now do a Google search for “vaccines” and the only results they will see will be poorly done “studies” and anecdotes about the dangers of vaccines.”

Some critics of the move are worried this will only force vaccine hesitant parents further down the rabbit hole of woo.

“When people are looking for information on vaccines, the last thing we want is for them to land on some wild conspiracy laden anti-vaccine website” explained Big Pharma’s Dr. Steve Novella. “We want them to find the real, science-based evidence that we and the Illuminati have agreed to share with the public.”

Google says it is up to the end user to decide what they will and won’t use Echo Chamber for.


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