New 100% mercury vaccine stopped in Phase III of trial due to safety concerns

mercury in vaccines

The bid for a 100% mercury vaccine was dealt a blow today as the researchers announced they were halting the study due to safety concerns.

“We know that we can have upwards of 70% mercury in vaccines [as we currently do] and we were hoping to push it even higher,” said lead developer Dr. David Horseki. “Unfortunately, our all-mercury vaccine has shown some signs that it may not be perfectly safe.”

In order to come to market, vaccines must not a) cause any more than 30% of children given the vaccine to get autism and b) that the researchers have adequately demonstrated they have pharma shills and doctors lined up and ready to defend the vaccine against da troof.

“Bringing a vaccine to market is not easy,” says Merck CEO Dr. Gillian Barre. “Getting a vaccine below that 30% autism threshold is very, very difficult.”

What exactly the all mercury vaccine was supposed to protect against was unclear as the researchers have kept it under lock and key. One theory is that it was being used to protect against mercury-injuries which are linked to GMOs….and chemtrails.


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