Naturopath stuns colleagues by passing online chemistry course

Naturopathic “Doctor” Brett Smith has done the impossible: he passed an online chemistry course with nothing more than a degree in herbal medicine.

“I’m just so proud,” said Smith. “I mean yes, technically all the quizzes in the course were multiple choice and you had unlimited tries at them, but I still passed.”

It is still unclear exactly which (if any) college or university or governing body of any kind oversaw the course, but fellow Naturopath’s are amazed all the same.

“This is something we can all look to for inspiration,” said “Dr.” Paul Therault. “Most of us in the field of herbal medicine and naturopathy are focused on selling supplements and convincing patients not to vaccinate. To actually be able to get a passing grade in a chemistry course is a truly incredible accomplishment. I tip my hat to him.”

Smith is hoping this will add some legitimacy to his profession and hopefully open the door for fellow anti-science and anti-vaccine zealots to get into the world of online courses.


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