Local man switches to all organic diet, wallet continues to lose weight

Local account manager Steven Dedrick recently read a blog post about how eating organic can prevent cancer and make you incredibly healthy. That was all the convincing he needed to make the switch to a fully organic diet. As of the time of reporting, Mr. Dedrick reports no changes in his overall health other than having his lower back problems getting better, due to the weight loss from his wallet.

“It’s amazing, as soon as I switched to all organic, my back feels so much better. No more being weighed down by that wallet full of cash” explained Dedrick.

Dedrick’s wallet was reportedly “George Constanza”-esque before he made the change in his diet.

“Steve had the biggest wallet around, full of coupons and he always had a bunch of cash on him,” said co-worker Fred Hutton. “But lately I’ve noticed his wallet is much smaller, filled with mostly just coupons and not as much cash.”

Dedrick is reportedly thinking about starting an online organic website, promoting the idea of eating organic as a cure for back pain.


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