EXCLUSIVE: Alex Jones orchestrated false flag social media ban to promote Info Wars app


BREAKING – The Science Post has obtained exclusive and groundbreaking information in the case of the Info Wars/Alex Jones social media ban. Earlier this week Facebook, YouTube and Spotify cancelled and banned Jones’ Info Wars accounts for promoting hate speech and inciting violence…or so Jones would have you believe.

Speaking on the grounds of anonymity, an inside source from a close friend of Jones (we’ll just call him P. Joseph Watson…that may be too obvious, we’ll call him Paul Joseph W.) told The Science Post that was in fact all an orchestrated false flag operation by Jones in order to help promote the Info Wars app.

“Alex always wanted the Info Wars app to be bigger and more popular than it is,” explained Paul Joseph W. “So he purposely got himself banned by Facebook and YouTube in order to get people to believe that the Info Wars app is the best way to stay connected to him. I’m not even sure if he was officially banned either, I think the people from Facebook and Google who apparently banned him are all crisis actors he hired.”

It also appears to have worked: the Info Wars app is currently the 2nd most downloaded news app in the App Store and is the number 1 downloaded app by both white supremacists and the male 18-45 who still live in their parents’ basements demographic.

“All of this has been meticulously calculated and planned out by Jones; he is getting more news coverage than ever before. He is laughing through all of this,” said Paul Joseph. “He has even hired crisis actors to pretend to be devastated by this “censorship” and get the word out through Twitter.”

More on this story as it develops.

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