Donald Trump hospitalized after severe allergic reaction to facts, doctors recommend he avoid

NEW YORK, NY – Donald Trump was hospitalized last night in New York City after he had what doctors are describing as a severe allergic reaction to facts.

“Mr. Trump was having difficulty breathing, a large red rash on his chest, and was unable to tweet anything factual,” said Dr. Steven Puddicombe, Emergency Room physician. “These are all classic symptoms of an allergic reaction to facts.”

Mr. Trump was discharged early this morning and doctors have urged him to stay away from facts as much as possible.

According to Twitter, Trump has been doing a great job following the doctors orders as is evidenced by his recent tweet where he used an article from Info Wars as supporting evidence.

Many people are shocked that this is the first time Trump had to hospitalized for his condition, having been factually incorrect about science, vaccines and autism for many years.

“He’s very lucky,” said Dr. Puddicombe. “Frankly, given his history I am very surprised he hasn’t been to the hospital already. Sometimes allergies can lay dormant for years and only be triggered when the patient comes in contact with large amounts of the allergen.”

Doctors expect Mr. Trump to make a full recovery as he reportedly is sticking to the recommendation of staying away from facts.


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