Breaking: Anti-vaccine group NVIC arrested on torture charges

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The National Vaccine Information Network’s top leaders were arrested today on charges of torturing data, sources told The Spudd.

“Ms. Fisher and several other high profile anti-vaccine advocates from the NVIC have been taken into custody,” said FBI agent Burt Macklin. “We have reason to believe they have been torturing data from vaccine studies for decades.”

An insider told The Spudd that the charges are likely to stick too, as it has been widely known for years that anti-vaccers, especially those in “power”, have been torturing data to get what they want out of it for a long time.

“The data didn’t stand a chance, they were tortured until they revealed what the anti-vaccers wanted them to reveal,” said an anonymous source. “The data will never be the same.”

Anti-vaccine advocates have also come under scrutiny for what many consider the torture of children with autism – using the Miracle Mineral Solution. The therapy involves injecting bleach into the child’s anus or making the child drink the bleach up to 8 times a day.

For now it appears the FBI will be concentrating on the horrible atrocities being inflicted on data by anti-vaccine groups across the world.


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