Ben Swann nominated for best actor in a comedy series for Vaccine-Autism videos

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LOS ANGELES, CA – Reporter Ben Swann has been nominated for an Emmy for his role in the CDC Whistleblower movies he made and posted to YouTube. The videos were hailed by critics as some of the funniest moments ever captured on film an thus Mr. Swann is the clear favorite to take home the award for best actor in a comedy series.

“Well I am honored to be nominated, these videos were actually meant to be serious,” said Swann. “Nevertheless, I will show up to the ceremony and hope I get the chance to meet some famous people.”

Anti-vaccers have fallen in love with Swann after he picked up the CDC Whistleblower non-story and ran with it, spiking his YouTube videos and website hits in the process.

“I made a bunch of money off of this little thing, it’s pretty awesome,” said Swann.

Of course the anti-vaccine cult members who still cling to the vaccine/autism connection are all over it.

“Mr. Swann is a true pioneer and maverick. He is so brave to take the time to make a 24 minute YouTube video exposing the lies of the CDC” said Tanners Dad, Tim.

Reports indicate Mr. Swann may be bringing Sharyl Attkisson as his +1.


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