Being a stay at home parent requires more medical knowledge than a homeopath, study finds

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SPRINGFIELD, ND – In a new study coming out of the University of North Dakota, researchers found that being a stay at home parent actually required more medical know how than being a homeopath.

“Stay at home parents need to be able to react to all kinds of different situations, especially with children,” lead researcher Dr. Frank Moses explained. “Knowing which injuries are serious and require a hospital visit and which can be cured at home is a very important skill.”

The study found that most homeopaths lacked said skill, often attempting to treat conditions or injuries which require the aid of actual medicine.

“We found that some homeopaths even believe they can heal broken bones,” said Moses. “It was pretty incredible.”

Stay at home parents also learn as they go and adapt to situations; homeopaths do not.

“Homeopaths will continue to use the same treatments even though they have been proven not to work. Parents on the other hand will learn what remedies work and which ones don’t and adapt accordingly.”

The American Association of Homeopaths released a statement concerning the study but unfortunately the font was printed homeopathically and was too small to read.


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