Area man confirms climate change is a hoax by watching snowstorm


BUFFALO, NY – Local climate change skeptic and anti-vaccer Donald Horowitz, 32, confirmed that climate change and global warming is a giant hoax by watching a snowstorm outside of his Buffalo home.

“Just look at it coming down out there. What happened to this so called global warming?” he asks. “It’s a big hoax, there’s no such thing as climate change. Unless you count the government changing the climate with chemtrails.”

Scientists continue to affirm that just because it is snowing outside, doesn’t mean the planet as a whole is not warming.

“Just because it snows in Buffalo, doesn’t mean there is no such thing as global warming or that humans are not causing climate change,” said Dr. Samantha Wasp, female scientist. “You need to look at a larger sample size than just your backyard.”

Horowitz, however, isn’t buying it. He insists that science about global warming is all wrong and just propaganda to sell….well he’s not sure how the government is profiting from climate change, but he’s sure they are.

Horowitz is not alone is his assessment as several anti-climate change and anti-Illuminati Facebook groups agree with him.

“Google Agenda 21, Climate Change Hoax, Mercury in Vaccines and David Icke. Your mind will be blown,” said Derek Wolfe, 29 year-old conspiracy theorists and medicinal marijuana user.

As of press time Mr. Horowitz was creating another Facebook page about global warming being a hoax.


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