Anti-vaccer submits two-word masters thesis "Google it"

Jack Crosby, anti-vaccer and graduate student via an uncle on the admissions board, finally submitted his masters thesis after months of writes and re-writes. The title of his thesis, “How vaccines are destroying our brains and are, like, really bad” was officially submitted to the dean of graduate studies this week.

“I think it’s really, really good” said an excited Crosby. “It’s short, to the point, succinct, and I think will really turn some heads when it gets published.”

The thesis is the shortest paper ever submitted to the university, but Crosby is confident.

“It’s all in there. All the supervisory committee needs to do is Google it, just like my thesis says” explained Crosby. “If they follow the study design of my paper properly, they will come across some very compelling evidence on the dangers of vaccines.”

Unofficially, The Science Post has learned that the thesis will most likely be rejected and returned to Crosby for a full re-write. In anticipation, Crosby has begun searching the dangers of vaccines on both Bing and Yahoo.


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