Anti-vaccine blogs to begin using Comic Sans; more in line with intellectual level of readers

Beginning in 2017, The Science Post has learned that all anti-vaccine blogs (such as Natural News, Alternative Mama, David Wolfe, etc.) will begin to use the comic sans font in an attempt to connect better with their readers.

“We know that the average reader of our material is quiet uneducated,” said Mike Adams from Natural News. “We hope by changing to a more kid-friendly font, it will help readers to better follow and understand our ramblings.”

Many more serious journalists and bloggers are against the font, claiming it was so overused in the last 15 years that it has become painful to look at.

“It could be the worst font ever invented,” said Derek Hutton from Front Falcon. “The only person I know who likes that font is my 7 year old daughter.”

At last report several of the anti-vaccine blogs out there were busy making their previous posts all appear in Comic Sans as well, and so far the results have been great. According to fake reports, the readers of these types of blogs and websites are loving the new font, commenting that it is “fun” and “easier to read”.

Anti-GMO and Creationist websites are reportedly following this move closely and considering a move to the font themselves early in the new year.


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