What Are They Not Telling Us About Tinfoil?

Tin foiled woman

For years we have assumed that the government and tinfoil makers have been telling us the truth. What a big mistake. Do you even know what is in that foil? How it’s made? Well we decided to do a little investigating of our own and we found may shock you.

First of all, tinfoil is actually made of aluminum, a toxic chemical. Manufactures actually use aluminum oxide (Al203) and refine it using another chemical, bauxite. The aluminum is then smelted and poured into molds and flattened out. It takes 4 tons of bauxite to make 2 tons of alumina, which makes 1 ton of aluminum. So there is actually 6 tons of chemicals in every 1 ton of aluminum foil.

6 tons of chemicals!!

What’s next? Tiny black hairs in our chicken nuggets? So it looks like you can add aluminum/tin foil to the least of chemical laden products to avoid. The list keeps on growing…

More to follow.

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