“Sanitation and Hygiene Did Not Save Us,” reports Anti-Vaccine Doctor

Lima F. Rainow, M.D., Medical Director of the Natural Solutions Establishment, announced to her adoring fans that she is turning her withering intellect from vaccines to sanitation and hygiene.

According to Dr. Rainow, it is well known that “vaccines didn’t save us. However, the role of sanitation and hygiene as has been greatly exaggerated as well, to the detriment of humanity.” Dr. Rainow published her position in a paper entitled “Why Sanitation and Hygiene Aren’t Paleo.”

Dr. Rainow presented several graphs which showed that the death rate of many infectious diseases was already falling dramatically even before the widespread use of sanitation and hygiene. However, not only did “sanitation and hygiene not save us,” she told The Science Post.

“Since the widespread use of sanitation and hygiene, our children are sicker than ever before. We have an epidemic of chronic diseases like obesity and when I was a kid, no one had ever heard of peanut allergies.”

In her controversial findings, Dr. Rainow suggests that sanitation and hygiene may be doing us more harm than good.

“We have lost touch with our nature as experienced by our ancestors. We have a rich evolutionary heritage of defecating in streams and rivers- and then drinking from those same streams and rivers. We interfere with this at our peril.”

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