Roy Moore purchases rare 14 year-old bottle of wine at auction

NEW YORK, NY – Roy Moore has reportedly paid upwards of $69,000 for a rare 2003 14 year-old bottle of wine, according to Sothebys.

Moore, who is running for the senate in Alabama, is reported to be quite the wine connoisseur with a special taste for wine aged 14-19 years.

“I love wine, especially wine in this age range,” said Moore. “I have been collecting these vintages for years and have no regrets about paying this much for this particular bottle; the purchase was completely consensual between me and the seller.”

Moore said he isn’t sure if he plans on drinking or saving the wine, but his wife has vowed to stand by him regardless of his decision. Support has been pouring in for Moore, with many applauding his purchase, like Gov. Kay Ivy who voiced their support:

“I have no reason to believe that Mr. Moore did anything wrong with purchasing this wine. I stand by him 100%.”

Reports also indicate that Senator Al Fraken may have purchased an older bottle (from a different auction) as a joke.


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