President Trump challenges President of US Virgin Islands to IQ test


WASHINGTON, DC – President Donald Trump issued a challenge via Twitter this morning, challenging the President of the US Virgin Islands to an IQ test.

“I could destroy the President of the Virgin Islands in an IQ test. I have the best IQ. It’s yuge.”

As of press time, the President of the US Virgin Islands has not responded to Trumps challenge. The White House also commented on the story, saying they are more than willing to set up the challenge.

“If we ever hear from the Virgin Islands President and they accept the challenge, we will be more than willing to set it up,” said Sarah Huckabee Sanders. “The fact that they haven’t responded just shows how scared they are of the President’s IQ. Of course, the fake news will never cover this part of the story.”

The liberal media has pointed out to Trump that he is in fact the President of the US Virgin Islands, but of course, being that they are fake news, it was not accepted by Trump and his base.

“The reason they haven’t heard a response about the challenge is because Trump just challenged himself,” said left-wing extremist Anderson Cooper of CNN. “Maybe next he could challenge the Prime Minister of Nambia.”

The Science Post reached out to both presidents but did not receive a reply.


Shout out to @Vilain_Pabo on Twitter for help with the headline.

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