Parents drive hundreds of miles to see anti-vaccine pediatrician, keep their children safe

Holistic pediatrician, Dr. Harry Pavelsky in Northport, New Jersey, has a loyal, dedicated patient base. He is one of the few pediatricians in the northeast who not only sees parents who do not vaccinate their children, but actively discourages them from doing so. As such, parents are willing to travel hundreds of miles to see him.

“Driving for 150 miles on freeways and highways isn’t fun, but I will do anything to keep my kids safe,” said Jane May, a 34 year-old mother of 3 from Philadelphia. “Dr. Pavelsky is the only pediatrician who understands that the toxins in vaccines are the greatest threat our children face.”

“It is inspiring and flattering that so many people are willing to drive so far to see me,” Dr. Pavelsky told The Science Post. “I am sure that sitting in a car going 80 miles an hour for several hours in a row is pretty boring for the little ones. But I am grateful that these parents will do whatever it takes to keep their kids safe.”

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