Mom sets new record for time it takes to text “OK”

Local mom Nancy Freeman, 56, set a new record this weekend for the time it took her to text her daughter back “OK”.

“I texted my mom to let her know I would be a little bit late coming for Sunday dinner and she seemed to be texting back forever,” explained 27 year-old Natalie. “Those three dots were there for a least 33 minutes.”

According to sources, that breaks the previous record of 26 minutes held by a woman in Nashville set back in 2016.

“I have no idea what she was doing that entire time. I was expecting a wall of text to come back and instead it was just two letters,” said a perplexed Natalie.

When asked about the time between texts, Nancy explained:

“Well I started out texting what time she thought she would be there and if her boyfriend was going to come too. But then I thought that was too many questions, so I changed it. I wasn’t happy with what it said, so I eventually changed it to OK. Then I spent a long time trying to find the perfect emoticon thingie to send as well. I had a picture of a turkey but then realized I wasn’t serving turkey so I couldn’t use that. I was serving eggplant in the lasagna but I remember my son telling me one time that eggplant pictures meant something else entirely (laughs). So in the end I just decided to let her know it was OK.”

Update: Sources have reported that the record may not last for long as there is a dad in St. Louis who has apparently replied to his son’s text a massive 12 hours later.

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