Man doesn’t win lottery after getting flu shot, immediately blames vaccines

ATLANTA, GA – Kenneth Hann is furious. For years Kenneth has bought his lottery tickets at the same place on the same day, week in and week out – yet has never won the jackpot. While seemingly down on his luck, Kenneth recently started doing some research on his own, away from the mainstream media. What he found out will shock you.

“It was like a punch in the face” explains Hann, “It just kind of hit me out of nowhere that since I’ve had my flu shot, I have never won the lottery.”

A little research shows that over 99% of adults who receive their booster vaccines or flu shots do not win the lottery. Of course, you never see that reported in the mainstream media.

“I wish I could go back in time and never get that damn shot” said Hann, “I would be a millionaire right now.”

During the course of this investigation, The Science Post also discovered that over 99% of adults involved in car accidents have had at least one vaccine in their lifetime. The pro-vaccine crowd would have you believe this is all just a coincidence.

We reached out to both the CDC and the Atlanta Lottery Corporation for comment but neither have responded.


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