Local mom graduates from University of Google with PhD in Immunology

Local amateur scientist and vaccine skeptic Marjorie Kipp can now unofficially call herself “Doctor”. Dr. Kipp announced that she had graduated from the U of G with a PhD in immunology based on her extensive Googling and research.

“This has taken me over 7 years to complete,” said Kipp. “I now understand and sympathize with graduate students and medical students when they complain about how much work it takes,” laughed Kipp. “I feel like I’m part of a somewhat elite club now.”

While degrees from the University of Google are not accredited by any higher body of education, they are very widely respected among anti-science, anti-vaccines circles.

“It’s a very impressive feat” said fellow anti-vaccine cult member David Fox. “I myself only have a masters of epidemiology from Google.”

Dr. Kipp vows to use her new credentials to continue to spread the truth about the dangers of vaccines, GMOs, and anything else with scary sounding ingredients.


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