Kat Von D to start tattooing baby immediately after birth

Kat Von D Anti-Vaccine

LOS ANGELES – Apparent celebrity Kat Von D announced on Instagram this week that she will immediately begin tattooing her new baby the minute it is born. Von D announced that she is having a natural home water birth (which no one cared about), but then also mentioned  she was anti-vaccine and would be forgoing vaccinations for her newborn while also saying she was going to start tatting them up immediately.

People who understand science became upset and began to express their frustration with her decision. Von D, predicting the backlash and playing the pre-victim card, responded by saying, “It’s my baby and my property, I can do whatever I want with it,” she explained. According to sources, Von D already has several baby-themed tattoos in mind and is not worried about any possible negative side effects of tattooing a baby.

“All of the ingredients in tattoo ink are natural. Things like lead, iron, titanium dioxide, all those types of natural occurring things,” explained Von D. “Unlike those so-called life saving vaccines which are full of chemicals.”

While some people have expressed concern over her choice to tattoo an infant, many are siding with the “celebrity” and saying she is just being victimized for having an alternative lifestyle.

“Just because she is vegan, lives a natural life without chemicals and GMOs, and tattoos babies doesn’t mean she isn’t a good person,” said Mark Adams, ant-vaccer. “Vegans, anti-vaccers and baby inkers are some of the most oppressed and harassed people in society today.”

Kat Von D did not respond to our requests for an interview or to take a science class.


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