Jessica Biel takes stance against California seat belt law

jessica biel

Los Angeles, CA – Jessica Biel, best known for her groundbreaking research in virology and immunology, has just come out in opposition to California’s mandatory seat belt law.

By law in California, all drivers and passengers in motor vehicles must wear a seat belt at all times. This includes infants and children required to be in car seats. Biel believes this is going too far and encroaching on her personal liberties and beliefs.

“I’m not anti-seat belt, I’m just against the state mandating what me and my family have to do in our own car,” explained Biel. “Seat belts are full of chemicals and aren’t even 100% effective.”

Biel goes on to explain that how technically more people who die in car accidents actually happen to be wearing a seat belt that not wearing one and that there has never been a true seat belt vs. no seat belt study.

“I have a friend who has a child who really hates his car seat. If this law isn’t changed, it will be very hard for them to make their child happy; he will be forced by the government to use a car seat. That is why I am fighting against this law.”

Biel has a new show coming to FacebookWatch in 2020, giving people plenty of time to figure what exactly that is and how to boycott it.

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