Huge study of all 1.9 billion children on earth shows no link between vaccines and autism; anti-vaccers still not convinced

Harvard University released the results of the largest study ever conducted in the history of the world: 1.9 billion children, encompassing every child under 15 on the planet, were studied and the results found no link between vaccines and autism.

“Every child from every race and every country and every different possible vaccination status was examined. And there were actually less children with autism spectrum disorder in the fully vaccinated group” said one of the lead researchers, Dr. Paul Herald. “This should really, really, really, be the last study we ever need to do on vaccines and autism.”

However, the anti-vaccine cult is still not convinced.

“Oh please, who funded the study? You have to follow the money” said pro-disease advocate Rebecca Howe. The study was actually funded by over 34 different universities from 14 different countries and no pharmaceutical companies were involved in any way.

“Well, I’m still not convinced. You will never convince me, I saw my son regress to autism just a year after his vaccines. No big study is going to prove that it wasn’t because of his vaccines” said anti-vaccine yoga instructor Dharma Finkelstein.

The study is set to be published in next months issue of The Lancet, and is expected to be horribly “debunked” by anti-vaccine conspiracy blogs the next day.


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