Hospitals at near capacity across the US as mask-related injuries continue to surge

Hospitals across the country are nearly at full capacity as people are being rushed to the ER’s after being forced to wear masks for minutes at a time.

“We have never seen anything like this to be honest,” said Dr. Tony Fooci. “The amount of people crawling into the ER barely able to breathe after being forced to wear a small mask for upwards of 10 (even 20) minutes is overwhelming.”

Many states and cities across the US are forcing people to wear masks in public places and stores, against their God-given freedums.

“I had my gall bladder removed years ago, so I cannot wear a mask,” said Karen Furlong, 43. “The government has no right to make me wear one. I could drop dead at any second from lack of oxygen.”

Many businesses have been forcing patrons to wear masks in their stores, even refusing to serve people if they are not wearing one, leading to the surge in hospitalizations. As everyone knows, it is the right of all American citizens to have the service industry serve them no matter what.

“It is my right as an American to walk into any store or business I want and have them serve me,” says Furlong. “They have no right to refuse to sell me anything or make me my food. They certainly don’t have the right to make me wear a mask just to comply with some worldwide hoax.”

While science has shown that wearing masks is one of the best ways to slow the spread of respiratory infections, many social media and Google experts disagree.

“There is no way all of those memes, posts, articles, etc. I have seen on Facebook and Twitter showing that the coronavirus is a hoax and that masks don’t work can all be wrong. That’s just science,” explained Jeremy Allen, male Karen. “The bottom line is don’t be a sheep. Think for yourself.”

So if you like science and health, wear a mask; if you like your freedums, don’t.

*update: Jeremy has been admitted to the hospital with coronavirus.

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