‘Hardcore Gym Guy’ has panic attack after forgetting where he put down his protein shake

Local amateur bodybuilder and know-it-all gym guy Justin Shule, was reportedly in a full blown panic attack after the unthinkable happened: he forgot where his protein shake was.

“I need that shake, I carry it around with me to every machine and make sure everyone sees me drinking it,” explained Shule. “So when I thought I’d lost it, I freaked out a little bit. How else was I supposed to show everyone at the gym that I know more than they do?”

Shule is a regular at the gym and everyone there knows him.

“Yah I see that guy here all the time, I think he lives at the gym,” said one gym member. “He wears one those weight belt things even when he is on the treadmill and always, ALWAYS has that damn protein shake with him.”

Hardcore Gym Guy is known for his ability to use all the machines at the gym as well as the free weights. He is also known for his inability to go more than three minutes between sips from his protein shake (which usually has some sort of bobybuilding brand on the side).

Reports indicate that Shule found his beloved protein shake beside the row of free weights.

*Other notable gym guys/girls include: the flirt, the old guy, the wanders around the free weights and other machines before just going back to the treadmill or stationary bike guy, the only there to pick up chicks guy and Mr. Serious (a close relative of  hardcore gym guy).



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