“Good guy with a shark” saves hundreds from shark attack

shark attack

TAMPA BAY, FL – Hundreds of people are thanking their lucky stars today after local “Good guy with a shark” James Ellis saved them from potential death.

“There was this crazy huge shark swimming around biting and killing people, it was horrible,” said eye witness Matt Hooper. “Thank God someone saw what was going on and sprang into action.”

That someone was James Ellis, a 34 year-old registered shark owner.

“When I saw and heard what was going on, I knew I had to help out,” explained Ellis. “I know some people are against people owning sharks, but if I didn’t have this shark handy, who knows how many more people would have been killed. This is the reason we fight for shark owning rights.”

Over the past several years, shark ownership and stricter shark controls have become a hot topic.

“Obama tried for 8 years to take away our sharks,” said Fox News host Sean Hannity. “Crooked Hillary would have tried the same thing if she had been elected instead of out lord and savior Donald Trump. But what would have happened if Mr. Ellis, a registered shark owner, wasn’t allowed to have that shark?”

This incident is sure to spark even more debate over shark control and shark owning rights. For now, Mr. Ellis is just happy that he was able to be that Good Guy with  Shark you hear about so often but rarely get to see.


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