Five out of four anti-vaccers failed high school math

SCRANTON, PA – The University of Pennsylvania Scranton recently conducted a retrospective study looking back through the highschool grades of several prominent online anti-vaccine advocates. What they found was most anti-vaccine cult members did very poorly in math throughout their high school years.

“We were pretty shocked to be honest, especially considering how much they talk about stats and rates,” said Dr. Jim McCarthy, lead researcher. “They all failed at least one year of math during their high school career.”

Anti-vaccers are disputing the study, saying their high school marks have no bearing on how well they can math now.

“Sure I failed math a bunch of times in high school, but I’m older now and have done a ton of research and studying,” said anti-vaccine zealot Jacky Crosby. “Plus, I’m a mom now and that makes me and expert on anything to do with children’s health.”

The researchers are planning next to look at the high school science grades of chemtrail believers.

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