Doctors now the third leading cause of car accidents, study finds

Medical doctors are the third leading cause of automobile accidents according to a new study from the National Rifle Association. The study concluded that doctors are causing major accidents by not staying in their lane.

“When we looked at the data we see that doctors often veer out of their lane and cause many, many accidents,” said NRA spokesman Gord Uzi. “If doctors would just stay in their lanes, none of this would happen.”

Doctors are disputing the study’s findings, claiming the NRA has biased the results.

“The NRA doesn’t know how to conduct proper, unbiased research,” said Dr. Neil Stephens, who has had 3 accidents in the last year. “I mean yes, we often do not stay in our lane, but there are many other factors that can lead to accidents.”

The NRA has called for all doctors to undergo mandatory driver training to make sure they learn to stay in their lane.

“Doctors should worry about healing people and driving straight. Leave the rest of it to other people who know what they’re doing,” says Uzi. “Like the NRA for example.”


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