Delayed reaction: Woman suffers vaccine injury 10 years after getting vaccine

Delayed reaction: Woman suffers vaccine injury 10 years after getting vaccine

ST. PAUL, MN – Theresa Herbert, 38, was recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. She didn’t think much about vaccines when she got the news, but she soon starting doing some digging on the internet about possible causes of MS. That’s when she came across the theory that MS is caused by adjuvants commonly found in vaccines.

“It was a like a shot to the heart,” explained Herbert. “The last vaccine I got was the seasonal flu vaccine in 2006. It took 10 years, but I am now one of the thousands of vaccine-injured Americans.”

Theresa is sharing her story over all the anti-vaccine conspiracy websites and Facebook groups and is overwhelmed by the response.

“It’s amazing. They have accepted me and my story with open arms and believe, just as I do, that is was undoubtedly the flu vaccine from 10 years ago that cause my MS. My favorite part of the groups is that they really aren’t hampered or burdened down by “proof.” You can just say you were vaccine-injured and they blindly accept your anecdote as truth. It’s very refreshing.”

This is just another story of Big Pharma and the medical mafia getting away with maiming and harming red-blooded Americans.

“Unfortunately, Theresa’s story is not that uncommon” explained Sherri Tenpenny, anti-vaccine cult leader. “We have seen people who received all their childhood vaccinations just like the CDC told them they should and then bam! 30 years later – cancer. It’s truly an epidemic.”

If you or anyone you know has anything wrong with them at all and have ever had a vaccine, you should start doing your research. You may be another victim of Big pHARMa and the government’s secret agenda.


  • Smarter than Your Average Bear

    Make sure this gets to Sen. Kennedy please as he’ll need it in his new position /s

    • Chris

      I believe his new position is in his grave. Sen. Ted Kennedy died a few years ago. Senator John Kennedy was just elected from Louisiana, I don’t think he has made any relevant statements about vaccines. Looking at his website, he seems to be more concerned with flood issues in his state.

      • Smarter than Your Average Bear

        It’s Robert F. Kennedy Jr – I thought he too had done time in DC – my mistake it’s the late senator’s (RFK) son

        • Chris

          Nope. His only public service was court ordered community service due to a drug charge:

          • Smarter than Your Average Bear

            Yes I know his father was a senator and assassinated – I’m 67 and still remember the day his uncle was assassinated too.

          • Chris

            That does not change the fact Bobby, Jr has still never been elected to any public office (see wiki link). Your first mistake was calling him a “Senator”, your second was not realizing there are other Senators Kennedy, including his late uncle and the junior senator from Louisiana.

            I am amazed that this is the second time I have seen Baby Bobby called a senator. He did not inherit the title when his dad was killed almost fifty years ago. Even with political nepotism, the US Congress is not a peerage.

            He is just a lawyer, and worse he is a celebrity lawyer. People just listen to him because he comes from a famous family. Period. They don’t check to see if what he says is valid, much of it is actually quite wrong. And it is not just about vaccines.

          • Smarter than Your Average Bear

            Go back to your reading lessons – you are so intent on criticizing (and why is that?) My only mistake was thinking he had served like many others in his family had. I never said or implied otherwise regardless of what you think. Don’t bother responding – not interested in people with your kuind of tone. Goodbye

          • Chris

            Actually you made a big freaking assumption without even bothering to check! You didn’t even check after the first jocular comment, you should have checked and said: Oops. Instead you just doubled down.

            This website lives for that.

          • Smarter than Your Average Bear

            Are you really that dense? Go read my second comment it was an Ooops comment. I didn’t double down I fucking corrected myself. What part of ” I thought he too had done time in DC – my mistake it’s the late senator’s (RFK) son” do you not understand. You’re right this website exists for to point out people like you. Pathetic attemp to school someone and gets schooled in return.

          • FallsAngel

            Isn’t it amazing how the Kennedy name can open doors, still? If he had any other last name, no one would give a flip about his ideas.

          • Chris

            What is worse is that it is a freaking common last name. People gave him opportunities just because he was in that family, and even worse the son of that particular politician (I have sympathies for his loss, since I lost a parent a few months later and we are close in age). It is amazing that people actually look at his name and conclude he is a senator. I can’t fault the person who started this thread because it was not the first time I had seen this.

            But it shows some basic laziness. It takes just a wee bit of time to check, so never use assumptions. Also, the added information is mostly my frustration that people look at his genetics as validation for their stupid ideas. Yeah, RFK, Jr is an idiot who parrots stupid stuff. Don’t believe him just because of who his father was! The first hint would have been the wiki link to why he had to do community service.

            (Also if you want to be considered smarter than your average bear… don’t reply to a blog without totally clarifying. Your responses were too short. You never used a first name, and your second response actually read like the original Bobby Kennedy rose the grave. It would have helped if you had been a bit more verbose. And seriously… this is a satire site, why would we give you any lee way? In short, don’t give the authors more fodder.)

  • Laura J

    MS is one of those mystery diseases, not genetic bur have an unknown cause. Maybe it’s environmental, a common ingredient in shampoo or containment in a vaccine. While science apparently says there’s no evidence, MS is one of the most debilitating neurological diseases. I have one relative who has it in the early stages but she is going strong with learning about new trends to treat this. Hope this lady gets well and on a good track of treatment so she can live an optimum life.

    • Cat Knight

      Um, this is satire.