Children advised to skip homeopaths’ houses on Halloween

The Candy Advisory Board of America has released their annual do’s and don’ts for children this Halloween. Number one on the list this year is to avoid the homes of homeopaths. Not that homeopaths are scary or evil people, they simply give out the worst candy, and in some cases, no candy at all.

“We evaluated the candy given out over the past few years in several major US cities,” explained Dr. David Nestley.


“We found houses which were occupied by homeopaths tended to give out candy that was less than 0.00000001% chocolate. They did, however, give out copious amounts of sugar pills.”


Even though children may be happy to receive pills full of sugar on Halloween, the research also showed that some homeopaths don’t give out any candy at all.

“By the time I diluted the candy down to 30C or 100C, there was essentially nothing left of the original candy at all. So I just turned off my porch light and watched some TV,” said homeopath Dana Scamtose.

The Advisory Board is also warning parents that although homeopathic medicines are simply sugar pills, they do not make for a very delicious candy to give out to your neighborhood. While some homeopaths may disagree, there have been no scientific studies to ever prove this.

The board recommends sticking with evidence based, mainstream candy.

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