Area man fired from job for going full Paleo, refuses to use computer and chisels memos in stone

Local office manager Ken Famm was reportedly fired from his position at Cytron Electronics after taking his Paleo diet to the next level: the Paleo lifestyle. Mr. Famm not only follows the Paleo diet, but also refuses to use anything that isn’t Paleo in his day to day life. He informed his boss he would no longer be using computers and his memos and TPS reports may be a little behind since he is still mastering the art of chiseling.

“I feel that I need to embrace the whole of what is Paleo,” said Famm. “That means no technology as well as only eating what I can hunt and gather.”

Being that Cytron is an electronics company, not using technology and/or electronics is certainly problematic.

“I really thought he was joking at first,” said CEO Ed Martin. “But when his latest TPS report showed up on my desk 3 weeks late and on a giant piece of stone, I knew he was for real.”

Mr. Famm has been let go by Cytron and is currently trying to find representation for a wrongful dismissal suit.

“They can’t fire me for my Paleo beliefs, that’s against my rights” said Famm. “I am going to fight this as hard as I can.”

At last report no lawyer has signed on to represent Famm.


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