Anti-Vaccine doctor to “research” new malaria vaccine to find out why she is against it

science, health, satire, vaccines.

Prominent anti-vaccine doctor, Suzie Humphries, spent the day reading about the new malaria vaccine to learn why she is against it. Malaria kills hundreds of thousands of impoverished children annually and GSK, the company which developed the vaccine over the past 30 years, has vowed not to profit from it.

“I have my work cut out for me,” she told The Spudd. “I will have a hard time crying Big Pharma or saying this is a harmless childhood disease. Part of me just wants to wait 10 years and say malaria was wiped out by improved nutrition and sanitation. However, I think I am on to something when I complain that the vaccine needs a lot of boosters.”

When asked by The Spudd if this was perhaps a vaccine she could embrace, Dr. Humphries laughed and said, “No way. This is a vaccine. That’s all I need to know to oppose it. And my research will continue until I figure out exactly why.”


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