Anonymous hacks Big Pharma; releases list of paid pharma shills

Anonymous hacks Big Pharma; releases list of paid pharma shills

The hacking group Anonymous has released a list of people and Facebook groups who have all been bought and paid for by Big Pharma after it reportedly hacked into their database. Topping the list are the usual suspects such as Dorit Reiss, Richard Pan, Paul Offit, all members of The Skeptics Guide to the Universe and The Spudd. Below are some of the highlights from the list of names and Facebook groups that Anonymous has released so far:


Dorit Reiss

Richard Pan

Paul Offit

Steve Novella

David Gorski

Amanda Peet

Kevin Folta

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Kavin Senapathy

Facebook Groups:

The Skeptics Guide to the Universe

The Spudd

Refutations to Anti-Vaccine Memes


The SkepDick

We Love GMOs and Vaccines

Anonymous has threatened to release more names throughout the week. Stay tuned for updates.

  • Liz Ditz

    I am so disappointed I didn’t make the list.

    • They are releasing more names, don’t give up hope.

      • IvaW

        Good to know! 😀

      • Fireking Axilotl

        The Skeptic Beard
        Stephen Hawking

        • DestruktoDoll

          i knew Stephen Hawking would be on this list! He’s got robots too you know!

        • That Guy You Know Who Keeps Questioning Homeopathy.

    • As they used to say on AOL: “Me too!” Liz is one of the hardest working Big Pharma Shills around, and she’s been at this longer than nearly any of us!

  • Gus Calvo

    I am so sad, only Kavin made the list but not Yvette or Chow Babe.?

    • Kath Glover

      SciBabe is on the list 😉

      • Ena Valikov

        Exactly. Thanks for making my point. Junk science Inc.

        • Martin Fike II

          Do you have evidence? Or are you butthurt because folks don’t accept your appeal to authority as evidence of your claims?

  • Darkrajin

    This is one draft I know I can make….

  • I love that I’m on the same list as Neil deGrasse Tyson.

    • Gord Bestwick

      High fives all around! 😀

    • Ena Valikov

      Don’t flatter don’t have the charm. I would operate on myself before I would see you as a patient.

      • I never claimed to be charming. But what I write is science-based, unlike the case with you.

        • Ena Valikov

          Not when it comes to studies on GMOs, you don’ t.

          • If that’s true, certainly you haven’t been able to demonstrate it with anything resembling science or reason.

          • Ena Valikov

            Not to someone who flunked arithmetic and very basic nephrology, I can’t

          • Han Thrawn

            Nothing like making it personal.

          • J. Crew

            Well, you just lost all credibility. That was very fast.


          • Rick McCallister

            This link is a joke, right? You’re trying to make the anti-vax folks look even dumber….. Right?

          • Ena Valikov

            It takes a special kind of moron to call someone who vaccinates professionally and makes money giving vaccines, an anti- vaxxer. No…have no jokez you’d get.

          • Rick McCallister

            You don’t professionally vaccinate. You’re making that up to claim some authority that you don’t actually have. Everybody here knows that, so drop the bullsh_t.

          • Rick McCallister

            Except that you don’t vaccinate anybody. You just claim that you do because you can’t win on the merits. Making up credentials is one of the most pathetic, infantile things a person can do. We know you’re lying. You know you’re lying. Give up the ghost, science isn’t on your side. And lying about what you do just makes your stubborn tantrum even sadder.

          • I have credentials. What is it that you would like to discuss, medically? Do you treat patients? I do. And I can testify that patients neurologically decompensate immediately following a vaccine, and I’ve also seen them improve when caught soon after. Where are you getting your facts, from journals which have a vested interest in reporting falsehoods so that they can keep the money coming in which funds the academic institutions which continues to do the “research” which promulgates more misinformation so the cycle continues?

          • TedThomas

            I dont care about your testimony about what you claim to have seen, I care about actual evidence. Do you have any scientific evidence to back your claims or are you just another “naturopath” quack?

          • The evidence is that mere fact that I and many others practice medicine which is proof that western medicine doesn’t cure anything. Natural medicine is surging, now even being accepted by mainstream medicine, the mouthpiece for western medicine. Listen, you think you are an intellectual, but you aren’t. You simply read articles from other people and take the opinions of others because you can’t participate on the ground level. You claiming to know something about that which you don’t practice is laughable. The fact that you claim my own experience is null and void because of what you read from people who have a financial interest say otherwise shatters your own ability to have any credibility. Anyone can argue that which they don’t have first hand experience. It doesn’t make you intelligent, it makes you a fool. Good luck to you.

          • TedThomas

            Hahaha. So the fact there are astrologists is evidence that astrology works? No wonder you are such a terrible “doctor”, you have no standards of evidence, just conformation bias.

            EV-I-DENCE, I said evidence. Not you ranting about how you think western medicine is evil. Yes your experience is null and void, I dont care. I want to see the evidence you have that vaccines cause anyone to “neurologically decompensate” as you so claim. I would like to see the actual cases and the method by which you determined this to have happened, and I would also be curious as to why you havent shared this medical breakthrough with anyone but random people on the internet.

            Obviously if this was true and could be independently verified it this information have could possibly make you famous, why arent you contacting scientists to come verify your claim?

          • Rick McCallister

            ROFL a naturopath is claiming to have credentials. Pathetic.

          • Ad hominem attacks? You have no credibility. Good luck.

          • Rick McCallister

            Neither does somebody pretending to be something he isn’t, to evoke authority he’s not earned.

          • FYI…I’ve already attended allopathic medical school. I’ve been on both sides. You haven’t, thus, there really is no point in having a discussion with someone who is inept when it comes to medicine.

          • Rick McCallister

            LOL, no you haven’t.

          • TedThomas

            Are you a homeopath too?

          • Ena Valikov

            I don’t expect facts to sway any geniuses here, but if we didn’t vaccinate we certainly wouldn’t have a shiny vaccine vial with a syringe ( none of you are licensed to use) in it, along with prices and a vaccine schedule.!price-list/cjuw

          • Rick McCallister

            Neither are you.

          • Martin Fike II

            Well, given your statements about how folks who aren’t licensed to give people vaccines aren’t qualified to voice a relevant opinion, that means that you, as someone who isn’t licensed to do so, also are unqualified to voice a relevant opinion.

          • Ena Valikov

            I am in fact licensed to vaccinate…and do indeed, Tuesday through Saturday. Its you who isn’t licensed.

          • Geoff Offermann

            Licensed to vaccinate gerbils, that is.

          • Ena Valikov

            Most people who promote the crap you do aren’t licensed to vaccinate a cactus.

          • Geoff Offermann

            Good thing we realize that appeals to authority are fallacious.

          • Rick McCallister

            I don’t believe that you vaccinate anyone. That’s just something you make up for false credibility you’ve not earned.

      • Martin Fike II

        So, you’re admitting that you’re really just five cats in a woman suit?

  • Joe Cogan

    The sad thing is that so many people won’t get that this is satire…

    • AtariBaby

      Indeed. If it catches on you will see it linked in future arguments with idiots lol.

      • Chad McBain

        Like Ena Valikov?

    • Regressive Goosesteppers

      I had to read the whole thing to be sure, but that’s only because this was attributed to Anonymous, a group crazy and stupid and militant enough to try something exactly like this.

      • Warren Lauzon

        The scary part is that you never questioned the idea that “Big Pharma” had some kind of central database.

        • Ena Valikov

          The really wacky thing is there are quacks in this very thread who haven’t visited the factory where their brand of tobaccoscience is made…..

          • TedThomas

            I dont see how a contract laboratory existing somehow makes “Big Pharma” having a database of paid shills more believable, which is what it seems you are implying.

    • Impykins

      When Satire gets so close to the ridiculousness of RL, the line starts getting REALLY blurry…

    • Beathil Tenchijeff

      Looks, sometimes it’s hard to tell. With people like Ted Cruz and Donald Trump in the world, well, it’s hard tell if something is real or not. I find it hard to believe that Donald Trump is a real guy and not just an internet meme.

      • wylekat

        I doubt he’s real *or* human…

      • Karen Eckhoff

        There is no excuse for not verifying facts before believing. Anyone who goes around reacting to everything they read like it’s 100% undeniable truth is just idiotic.

        • Michael McCarthy

          “There is no excuse for not verifying facts before believing”
          my biggest pet peeve!

        • Ena Valikov

          Couldn’t agree with you more. The garbage some” Drs” in this very thread Gorsky & Novella support….unmitigated tobacco science

      • Adrian Edwards

        If he IS real, I doubt his hair is.

        • Kaylynn62


      • CrowSeventySix

        That’s very true. Responsible satire should let you know it’s satire after so that you don’t misinform yourself and others.

        • Lee Grandmaison

          //The Spudd is your number 1 source for fake health news, delivering the 47th best health satire on the web.//
          It says it right at the top of the page.

          Responsible viewers should read before commenting.

      • Cinamon Crunch

        Donald Trump is real. My friend met him.

        • I’m going to have to ask for a source from a peer-reviewed journal before I believe in Trump, I’m afraid.

      • Cinamon Crunch

        No one just has respect for him is what I can gather.

      • shay simmons

        Donald Trump is actually a dilophosaurus. I’m serious — check out the hair.

    • Kathy

      Ya I already saw someone on VRM post this saying he knew they were shills… people are stupid thats for sure!

      • Allyson_et_al

        Especially people on VRM.

    • Warren Lauzon

      I have seen at least 3 posts right here that did not get that part.

    • Ena Valikov

      No. The really pathetic thing is the number of brain donors in the world who cant tell the difference between stinky garbage and science. Here is factory where your brand of tobacco science is made. Ewww

    • joshrachlis

      If you hadn’t commented that, I wouldn’t have known it was satire. And I’m a big fan of The Onion. What is the “satire” here? I don’t get the joke.

      • Joe Cogan

        You don’t find the idea of “Big Pharma” having a collective database of “paid shills” a trifle absurd? Okay…

        • joshrachlis

          It would be funny if Big Pharma actually called their paid spokespeople “paid shills”. But the article doesn’t imply that this is Big Pharma’s own term. It seems the article is just making that judgement call. And Big Pharma does pay huge money to sales people. Have you seen the John Oliver story on this? And Big Oil pays scientists to spread lies about climate change. And Big Tobacco pays doctors to spread lies about the diseases that smoking causes. So it’s not inconceivable that Big Pharma would pay people to lie. So I’m not really sure what the article’s point is. Maybe Onion articles are just better written, with it being clear what point the sarcasm is making. This article doesn’t seem to have any layers to it. So, it’s just sarcastically saying: “Oh, yah, sure, all skeptics are being paid by Big Pharma.” I’m not sure how that’s funny. I guess it would have to be more exaggerated to be funny or to make its point clear. But humour is a personal thing. If other people find it funny, all power to them.

          • Joe Cogan

            I think you’re missing the point rather badly. “Big Pharma” is a collective term for an entire industry. Do you really not see the absurdity of a notion of all the companies involved sharing a single database of that nature, as if it was one monolithic entity…?

          • joshrachlis

            Ah! Ok. I assumed Big Pharma was just the writer’s subjective term for a specific pharmaceutical company. Ok, so “Big Pharma” has a database of “paid shills”. Ok, got it. Funny stuff! 🙂

          • wuzzi

            Uh… there is no collective and no one is getting paid, in case it hasn’t been made clear enough yet.

          • jj lopez

            HI MEN wuzzi i need you.. i need help to learn chinese .. could u do some or explain some for me ?¡

          • Heather James

            There may not be a collective database, but it is, in fact, a matter of public record that most of this list does have income from various pharma companies.

          • Skye

            Uh no Heather, they don’t There are no paid shills

          • Heather James

            Richard Pan has received over $100K in pharma campaign funds in the past year or so. Offitt and Gorski both make their living on pharma’s dime (Gorski’s money and some of Offitt’s is laundered through their employers of record, but it’s still pharma company money going to their paychecks). Etcetera. No chance of any of these folks being impartial. But thank you for playing.

      • Chris

        Well for one, they listed their own website “The Spudd” in the list of shills. That should be a major clue it’s satire. 😛

    • Arzurama

      Satire has totally lost its reason to exist. It has actually become somewhat dangerous because it is no longer possible to tell the difference.

      • Tim

        Spot on – this isnt funny because the fact that people accept payment to sully the facts is killing people.

    • It doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. I don’t know any names but Novella, and he clearly is paid to put down all natural forms of medicine. This joker claims that there is NO evidence which states acupuncture works. The evidence is overflowing. Furthermore, I see it work when I administer it. It really doesn’t matter what journal claims it doesn’t, what spokesperson says it doesn’t, etc.

      • Lee Grandmaison

        The evidence says it doesn’t, and that’s sufficient. Quacks claims to the contrary aren’t evidence.

        • As I said, I wasn’t speaking of this event, I’m speaking of history. I guess there was no evidence of the holocaust, right? No Kristallnacht, right? Do you understand the method behind what Edward Bernays accomplished by making people buy things that they don’t need? Is this not manipulative behavior? Do people in all events not plan in advance with other members in how to deceive the population? That’s called conspiring. I can go on and on, but there is no point since you argue the most basic premise of the natural progression of history as it pertains to the powers that be. Everything is built upon deception.

          By the way, I see the evidence first hand when I heal people that have been failed by the allopathic medical system. My being in business is evidence that they are failing. The fact that countless MD’s are now practicing holistic medicine is evidence. The fact that homeopathic schools, naturopathic medicine and Chinese medicine are surging is evidence. The fact that even corporate owned media is now covering and supporting holistic medicine, to some degree, is evidence.

          And why is this being supported to “some” degree? Because they realize that they could not stop the momentum of natural medicine, therefore, they are not allowing part of it to be accepted so that they can continue capturing the market by this new term called “integrative” medicine.

          As someone who works in medicine, who has attended both western and eastern medical school, has treated patients, has seen medical fraud from all avenues, who has worked in the trenched, I believe my opinion has much more weight than yours which is predicated on media based propaganda that is tied into foundations which promote them to promulgate their falsehoods, of which, keeps the the circular lies but money continuing to flow.

          You think you are an intellectual, but you aren’t. You are most likely a person well versed on lies, or you are troll; either way, you have credibility in my opinion. You have as much credibility as the AMA which had their physicians advocate smoking camel cigarettes a few decades ago. Talk about the height of stupidity? You can’t be more ignorant than that.

          • Alan Edvard Hamby

            AMA never had their physicians advocate smoking, I think you are mistaking an advertising campaign by the not so moral smoking companies, with reality, which was that health advisers AMA were closing in on tobacco manufacturers on how unhealthy cigarettes were, so the tobacco companies tried to use CARTOON PICTURES of doctors, saying that their brand was healthier, Talk about the height of gullibility? You can’t be more ignorant than that.

    • shay simmons

      On the other hand, when accused of being a pharma shill, I can point to this article and note that my name is not on the list.

      • Skye

        In my case, I’d rather just point to the list and say that anonymous sucks ass and that the anti-vaxxer in question needs to learn to do their own homework.

  • ANB2015

    If I was in charge of making anti-vaxers look ignorant and clueless, I would sound exactly like JB Handley or Jim Carrey.

  • Ena Valikov

    We really only need anonymous for bank records,..the shills themselves are in plain sight .

    • Except that Sharyl Attkisson is about as biased and ignorant a source as I can imagine.

      • Ena Valikov

        Very unpersuasive coming from an MD who flunked arithmetic & basic nephrology…never mind experimental design, statistics, hepatology and immunology.

        • Han Thrawn

          Why do you keep taking a run at this person? Why make it personal? What is your issue?

          • Ena Valikov

            Expecting a science response from junk science academy is as realistic as going diving to catch mermaids

          • J. Crew

            Wow. Reading through this….you’re a miserable little lunatic, aren’t you. Never heard of you before, but you really have a boatload of problems,

          • Ena Valikov

            Not really…my problems tend to sort themselves out. I am actually quite proud that it takes thousands of trolls to make thousands of different boring _yawn_its past my bedtime ad hominems- that never work- to refute any one of my science arguments. Good night y’all.

          • J. Crew

            Yes, I can see how they are sorting themselves out right here, “Doctor.”

            Very good at self-aggrandizement, too. Inferiority complex, it looks like. Oy…..

          • Ena Valikov

            Nah. Just familiar with your tactics…good night…..its past my bedtime. Yawwwn. Zzzzs

          • J. Crew

            Familiar with my tactics, are you?

            Let’s just add paranoia to the list of mental issues.

            Oh well, you’re basically nuts, and this serves no purpose.

          • The Shepherd

            Trust me. None of us here in the big pHARMa conspiracy would spend a single buck from our shill budget on you.

          • Ena Valikov

            And that is a surprise? LOL. I only promote products that are safe & efficacious…based on genuine evidence and rigorous science…unlike the clowns here.

          • Aidan Dearing

            Do you find pleasure in linking random websites?

        • Martin Fike II

          You’re the dunce tha claims that medicine for animals is the same as for humans, you shouldn’t be casting aspersion on the competence of others, when you’re incapable of even acting like an adult, let alone comporting yourself as a medical professional, Ena.

          • DestruktoDoll

            humans are animals, Mr Fike II

    • MikeEchoSierra

      A link to a 7 year-old article by a woman who was fired by CBS News for her anti-science opinions? Yeah. Great citation.

      • Ena Valikov

        Well, that most certainly hasn’t stopped any of you from plugging Genetic illiteracy…even though its chief toxin apologist, Jon Entine- was fired from NBC.

        • MikeEchoSierra

          You’re not quite adept at the hole debate thing, are you? Lots of pro-science people get fired. Doesn’t make GMOs dangerous. Did you know Hitler liked puppies? Therefore the genocide was a good thing, right?

    • Especially, since they offer no proof whatsoever that this so-called “shill” database exists and that they actually hacked into it and found those names in it. In fact, as you say it very well, there is no need for that. And I’m inclined to believe they never hacked into anything. They just listed the name of the people most hated by the pseudo-/anti-science crowd of anti-anything-technological-or-scientific-being-used-by-big-corporations (unless the corporations claims to be into the “all-natural” business).

      In other words, simply disagreeing with this crowd is way enough proof that one is paid by the industry. Because, there can’t be any other reasons to oppose their views than being paid by the industry, is there? I mean, certainly not because this crowd of anti-anything-technological-or-scientific-being-used-by-big-corporations is often spewing nonsense, no, of course not. Only corruption can prevent someone from turning a blind eye on such nonsense and giving priority to a noble cause! And of course, no activists would wonder why a so-called noble cause needs to be backed up with nonsensical propaganda.

  • Mark Eatock

    Idiots don’t get satire. That’s why they’re idiots.

    • Ena Valikov

      Nope neither do the junk scientists …but on a different note, why does it smell like a skunk visited here. The smell wafted all the way to twitter.

        • Ena Valikov

          I don’t read blogs written by MDs who flunk elementary school arithmetic and basic nephrology, sorry!

          • Han Thrawn

            If you say it enough times, it will be true? It’s saying more about you than the person you continually attack on a personal level. I don’t care if he flunked basic math at some point in his life. Did you ever have trouble with a subject? It was physics for me. Hated it.

          • Ena Valikov

            It is true…welcome to the internet junk science academy where all you have to do to be called a scientist is to bully people. Ask Gorski for Yvettes ( TheScienceBabe) or Kavin’s CV & list of nonexistent publications.

          • Martin Fike II

            As opposed your extensive knowledge?

          • Ena Valikov

            That must be why it takes an army of shills and trolls armed with a thousand ad hominems to refute it. LOL.

          • Han Thrawn

            So you came here to take a run at Gorski, not really discuss the issue at all? What are YOUR qualifications?

          • Ena Valikov

            A degree in biochemistry, sequencing DNA & building cDNA libraries…none of which being relevant to the FACT that Gorskis defense of GMOs…requires flunking 2nd grade arithmetic and sleeping through all of nephrology.

          • Han Thrawn

            Seems like you are working on your own degree in bullying. Can you not see how your posts appear? Just attacking people on a personal level. I can’t verify any of your educational claims, I just wanted you to realize you were on a rant. Calm down.

          • Martin Fike II

            You also don’t pay attention to peer reviewed journals.

          • Vibra Trainer Lloyd Shaw

            I believe in the scientific method…. But I know too many grant bludging dishonest academics to just believe their “conclusion ” tp not ask questions.

          • stainlesssteel

            “I believe in the scientific method…. But…”

            Using the phrase “believe in” just destroyed your credibility.

          • Vibra Trainer Lloyd Shaw

            No. I stand by it…… because it is an idea , hardly ever shown to be “followed” by those who state to be “academics”.

            How many studies have you seen that don’t have huge flaws or cant be replicated. Bordering on fraud if you take into account the people doing the research claim to be “experts”.

          • Kevin Folta

            You should name a few of those “dishonest academics” and report them to their agencies. If you have evidence of such allegations it would be a very good thing to make public. Right now grant funds are low and super competitive (5-10% success), so if you have knowledge of such malfeasance you should start naming names and providing evidence. It can be done, well, anonymously. Of course, if you are just making statements to further impugn the reputation of independent scientists, you won’t name names. Do you work for Monsanto?

          • Vibra Trainer Lloyd Shaw

            Have named names. Made complaints. Even had admissions made by some of the offenders. Zero papers retracted….All had contacts with large marketing companies or the NSCA.

            No don’t work for Mansanto…. I am a mortician and an engineer that bulids equipment for obese people to help stop amputations.

          • Kevin Folta

            Send me the names of dishonest academics by email. kevinfolta at gmail, and cc the National Program leaders at NSF and USDA, or whoever funded their work. What the heck is the NSCA? If you have hard evidence and admissions then pass it forward. We don’t need to name the source, as we have no clue if you are even real here. I’d be glad to take care of such things. We like to think we are self-policing, and also straight about retractions when warranted. Send me the info. If it is real, it is serious, and plenty of people will listen. To say there’s no action is just wrong.

          • Ena Valikov

            False. I read Nature that recently published a study on Oxalobacter formigenes influence on CaOx nephroliths <= See here

          • Geoff Offermann

            See what?

          • Kristine Rizzuto

            No you just read the ones that never even took a basic science course obviously. You’re freaking HYSTERICAL. Too bad you’re not bright enough to realize how freaking funny you are.

          • Scrapper Keeper

            You can’t pull off being smart, ma’am. The more you spout off, the more people know how dim-witted you are. Elementary school arithmetic and basic nephrology? Really? Seems like you just saw a thesaurus, liked the words arithmetic and nephrology, and kept using these words again and again to sound smart. Let me spell it out for you…. those words are basic. Quit pretending to be intelligent. You’re not.

          • Ena Valikov

            Get a grip Neanderthal Here’s what I am reading…” I, like the rest of trolls here, have one single argument…ad hominem is it…and that says- I got nothin'” If you had it, it would have been spelled out right here >

          • Scrapper Keeper

            Yeah. You’re still trying too hard to sound smart… and still failing miserably.

  • Al Mather

    Amanda Peet…lol

  • Karen Eckhoff

    no excuses for not verifying facts before believing. Anyone who goes around reacting to everything they read like it’s 100% undeniable truth is just idiotic.

  • Dean Farrell

    Thank you for keeping satire alive in this post-irony world.

  • Ronan McManus

    Expect to see links to this page popping up on the usual sites as proof of shillery!

  • “The hacking group Anonymous has released a list of people and Facebook
    groups who have all been bought and paid for by Big Pharma after it
    reportedly hacked into their database.”…..but without any proof that this so-called database exists and that these people are listed in it?? So, we are just supposed to take their word for it?? Yeah…right.

    This is hilarious! Basically, all that Anonymous is doing, is simply listing people or group of people who are particularly active against anti-/pseudo-science movements and groups!

    Djeesh! And I naively thought Anonymous were supposed to be smart people who aren’t easily manipulated….looks like I was wrong…. They will get manipulated by whoever they agree with!

    • “The Spudd is your number 1 source for fake health news, delivering the 47th best health satire on the web.”

      • I see! Ahaha! Yep, right! Ah well….I’ll say, the heat wave is at fault here! 😛 (Yes, we always need a good scapegoat for our mistake…and I have one just ready at hand: the heat….and yes, it is horrible here, at least for me!)

  • Tobb86

    Nice to know that BigPharma has it’s own database (and that it’s only one database).

    • The Shepherd

      They only found the database we wanted them to find. 😉

    • DirtyOldTown

      That’s mega-corporate efficiency for you.

    • Chris

      If you’re going to reference The One Database, you should give it the proper noun capitalization it deserves…

  • MrAaronPaul

    This will be my face when the first clown posts this and is completely serious….

    • MrAaronPaul

      And I made that face today when Anonymous actually put this on their page seriously thinking they did it. LOL….well those idiots just lost all credibility!

  • Anonimiss Jackson

    Why waste people’s time with absolute bullshit?! There’s enough real crap in the world that truly does need attention.

    Either government workers or f*cktards who just seriously don’t get the gravity of the mandatory vaccinations precedent!

  • susanclipper

    Interesting… So Amy Tuteur, MD and the Skeptical OB are doing it for free? Shame on you Pharma – they need to be paid for all the work they are doing for you.

  • So am I to understand that because this piece may be “satire” Dr. Offit isn’t really making tens of millions of dollars on a vaccine that he both had and interest in and voted for as a member of a CDC committee? [People who had conflicts of interest used to have to recuse themselves from self-interested voting; now all they have to do is “disclose” the conflict… and that is, unfortunately, not satire.] In the land of PC sometimes the only way to tell the truth is through satire. And it’s never easy to tell the difference.

    • August Pamplona

      9/11 Truther Bert “I can run through walls if I really believe it” Stubblebine & his wife Rima “colloidal Silver cures Ebola” Laibow! LOL!

      They have a conflict of interest in promoting stupid because they sell stupid.

    • Aidan Dearing

      Second time this is referenced, yet the only thing in both cases actually referenced is the name of one person, and a mysterious ‘the vaccine’, do you have any actual science, or do you just like picking random CDC committee members and demonizing them?

      Gotta Love Major General ‘Bert’ Stubblebine, didn’t realize Men Who Stare At Goats was based on him, no attachment to vaccines though, so quick question, why are you showing a picture of him?

    • Chris

      Actually Offit was not on ACIP when they voted for RotaTeq, he had not been a member for several years. He did vote for RotaShield many years before though.

      Why do you get something so completely wrong when the ACIP meetings are
      public and accessible? Or are you deliberately lying and calling it

      Also, as a co-developer of RotaTeq, with others, which was sold and his share was about six million dollars:

      And what kind of person expects someone to not get paid for twenty years worth of work?

      Why do you get something so completely wrong when the ACIP meetings are public and accessible? Or are you deliberately lying and calling it “satire”?

  • DirtyOldTown

    Yeah, yeah. But what I really want to see is how much they’re being paid. I was asked to shill for Big Pharma once, and all they offered in exchange was a box of medical grade latex gloves. Very disappointing. (I accepted, of course. Cheapskates.)

    • Ena Valikov

      Of course that goes against all common sense and logic…the only way you can make it less believable is to whine and moan that they were used proctologist gloves.

      • The Shepherd

        You get the used proctologist gloves after the first promotion. But it’s only a one-time bonus, because of cost concerns.

      • DirtyOldTown

        I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you were humour impaired. Perhaps there’s a support group you can join. Please get help.

  • Rima E Laibow MD

    Thanks, Spudd, for giving us a hilarious piece of satire. But like all good satire, there is a core of meaning and reality. Lest anyone think otherwise, your list does, indeed, contains shills for Big Pharma and its horrific agendas, not the least of which is promoting chronic disease since that is where all the profit lies. This promotion by the likes of Dr. Paul Offit who personally has profited massively from, for example, voting for the approval of his own patented vaccine, Rotatek, which not only causes deadly bowel problems in babies, meningits and pneumonia (all ” against” a disease which is insignificant in a developed country like the US) makes sure that the aluminum and other toxins, plus the foreign DNA and other dangerous components weaken the immune system of its recipient, making each recipient of each vaccine sicker and weaker than before the vaccine was administered.
    When the plants are sick, the bugs attack. When humans are sick, the bugs attack, but these are viruses, bacteria and parasistes since the immune system cannot do its job. And Big Pharma gets bigger.
    What don’t the defenders of immune system poisons understand about reality?
    Oh, sorry. We are not talking about science here. We are talking about money.
    Follow it and the answers are clear.
    Healthy populations make lousy customers if you are selling illness and its nostrums.
    Mandate it to sell more, is the mantral.
    No thanks. I’ll take Informed Consent and health freedom any day. details a formal legal action designed to force the FDA to inform everyone that they have the legally protected right to refuse any and all medical treatments, including vaccines, according to international and US law. Please go there, comment and share this link as widely as you can.
    Yours in health and freedom,
    Dr. Rima
    Rima E. Laibow, MD
    Medical DIrector
    Natural Solutions Foundation

    • Atom

      You are a vile woman who defends child abusers. There is a special place in hell for you and I will try to make sure you are a target of our satire soon.

      But you are on the America Loons!

      • Rima E Laibow MD

        Thanks for reminding me of that piece. I will share it widely now that you have brought it back to memory.
        Oh, by the way, if you read what I wrote you might, just might, understand the point: the vaccines killed the child in virtually every case. A shaken baby would show stigmata consistent with the assault but the only assault in most of these cases is with a syringe in the first place and by the system against the adult(s) involved in the second case.
        Both are lethal to life, health and the pursuit of happiness.
        Perhaps a little more scientific rigor would help you out there, Atom.
        Yours in health and freedom,
        Dr. Rima

        • Janet Rosenthal

          Please share your garbage wide Rima. It will convince people that the anti-vaxxers are indeed monsters. And don’t speak nonsense to me about “scientific rigor.” Where is your lab? What clinical trials have you done? What scientific discoveries have you made?

          I can answer that. None, zero, zip, nada.

          When I read about you, all I see if your shitty online store. So disgraceful and unethical. Even here in your post you are advertising your bullshit. Shame.

          • Rima E Laibow MD

            Oh, dear, Janet! You really are limited in your understanding of what science is and what it is not.
            Sorry you do not like my online store. gustibus non est disputandum (Latin: there can be no accounting for tastes). That is, as my father used to say, what makes horse races.
            However, the pseudoscience of vaccination is clear. Try reading my paper here: for a clear look at the worst of the pseudoscientific impacts and the reality of vaccine harm, according to the science that you so badly need to understand.
            If you actually read it, I promise that it will shake your religious fervor about vaccines.
            Reality: try it. You might like it.
            Yours in health and freedom,
            Dr. Rima

          • Atom

            It is not a matter of not liking your store- it is the horrible hypocrisy of criticizing vaccines because they might make a profit, while having a store where you sell pseudoscience to strangers.

            And yes, I read your paper. Why don’t you try publishing it in a peer-reviewed scientific journal? Because you know it would get torn to shreds. You make what the CDC calls the #1 myth about vaccines- they don’t work. You do this by confusing incidence and mortality rates. You think mortality rates should be used to judge vaccines. This is wrong. I reach medical students and if one of them made this mistake and failed to understand why they were wrong, I would quickly speak to the admissions committee and ask how this student got into school.

            By the way, when was the last time *you* were in a hospital caring for sick people? It is easy to be an anti-vaccine doctor when you know you will never have to actually treat sick people and face the consequences of your actions. As someone who has treated several strokes due to zoster recently, I know the damage this disease can do. You are blind and shielded behind your conspiracies and online store.

          • Crenando

            “it will shake your religious fervor about vaccines” HAHA I DO BELIEVE YOU ARE THE ONE WHO HAS RELIGIOUS FERVOR YOU ARROGANT CHARLATAN

  • Human Being

    If Anonymous had gotten information they would have cited how each person on the list is tied in and what their position and workplace is.

  • Andy Keher

    My shill cheques pay the bills!

  • Pyes

    you dicks, people are going to believe this and use it as ammunition against rational thinking sites and people. It won’t matter that it’s a joke because the people who will use it don’t care about factual information.

    • Maniac Woody

      That’s precisely what’s so funny about this.

      • Pyes

        Great, so instead of people becoming more educated, we get more people believing in garbage and spreading that garbage because of the vagaries of the internet. Good joke.

  • Ena Valikov

    Hey, trolls & shills…. you can stop spamming my inbox anytime now…didja know there’s this wonderful device that looks like a trash bucket button? …its where all your rubbish goes… Bye!

    • Aidan Dearing

      Very good science; just delete until only your perspective remains, wait you might actually think I am supporting your beliefs.

  • cathy

    Haha they got a lot names right pharma whores.

  • John Scudamore

    Hardly news! Just outing the obvious ones everyone knows,

    eg offit


    all skeptics are pharma/elite shills

    here is a better list

    • Alan Edvard Hamby

      Oh John, get back to your pig farm and stop spewing your ridiculous 1990’s web page, that every sane person thinks is even more pathetic than Natural News.

  • flydlbee

    If this is true, then stand up and be sued – then you can prove your case in court.

  • Emiko Kownacki

    The only thing they are shilling out to is projecting profit margins.

  • Abraham Lincoln Brigade

    Some idoits take this stuff way too serious. As in – Just what we would need in this world, unknown entities breaking in on medical work … sort of like the idiots who started fires at the University of Washington arboreum research…y’know, they might have been shilling for “MONSANTO!!” (evil horror movie type music)…yeah keep the flame burning, screw those drug comapanies we don’t need no stinin’ medicines

  • shotofhealth

    What is the point of this web site?! Diversion?!

    • James Reich


      • shotofhealth

        Oh, is THAT what you call it?! Seems just like a website to have a go at anyone who is concerned about their health. So it is diversion.

        • Martin Marty マ (m)

          If you’re concerned about your health I would recommend some kind of doctor. Preferably one with a degree they didn’t buy online.

        • Crenando

          it’s one thing to be concerned about your health, it’s another to fall victim to charlatans that prescribe snake oils just so they can make a buck of your naivety.

  • Yellowriver

    Dont forget jabloonies also Brian Deer.

  • Ken Gallaher

    It’s quite amusing to see real shills here posting.

  • loudon

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  • Skye

    Anonymous sucks. They completely passed me by.

    Obviously they cannot do all that they claim to do when an autistic person can avoid detection by them.

    • Matthew Cory

      i hope anonymous deletes your system files and then gives you a nice countdown to watch your computer shut off for the last time…

      • James Reich

        I’m guessing that just went completely over your head… If you don’t get satire, you probably shouldn’t be on thespudd…

      • Skye

        Oh goody!! I always wanted a good excuse to buy a new computer.

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  • asd

    face book groups …. The Spudd ….. rings any bells ?

  • Ancalagon

    Oh by all means, release away ^_^

  • Caleb Hubbell

    Anonymous actually shared this thinking it was real.
    While its pretty amusing, its completely retarded.

    • mygrandmashitsonyourbias

      You know what’s also really amusing? Not using the R-word.

      • Crenando

        That’s not amusing, that’s basic human respect for disabled people.

        • mygrandmashitsonyourbias

          Most people who are thrown the R-word aren’t disabled. Neurodiverse != disability. Let’s make that clear.

      • Ryan Meyers

        You’re a retard

  • Spike

    Can you provide a link to your source for this? I can’t find it at all on the Anonymous website.

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  • Ron Roy

    Jonathan Graham is probable another shill.

    • joe

      Says the man with NO integrity,crawl back into your hole,loser.

    • AutismDadd

      Or pig farmer

  • John Scudamore
    • Mike Stevens

      A pig farmer citing a kidney doctor on vaccines.

      • Ron Roy

        The both know a lot more about vaccines than you do. You should be ashamed.

        • Mike Stevens

          Doubt it. I’m a specialist in infectious diseases in the UK NHS, remember?

          • Renè

            You’re a specialist is douchebaggery.

      • AutismDadd

        So a medical specialist has no credibility? Ladies and gentlemen I give you Paul Offit.

    • DoreeenParsons

      John Scudamore runs a web site full of weird conspiracy theories. Dr Suzanne Humphries is a former nephrologist and now a homeopath and professional anti-vaxer, making money from books and presentations. Doctors, immunologists, infectious disease specialists, have all debunked her claims about vaccines.

  • Dorit Reiss

    People keep missing that this is satire.

    • Mike Stevens

      Many antivaccine advocates can’t tell the difference.

    • AutismDadd

      Like your posts.

  • Michael Stejskal

    Hilariously false.

  • poppy72

    I have been accused so many times and yet my name is not on the list

    • Proponent

      Excellent covert work, Shill Agent Poppy72.

      Expect a lil’ something extra in your pay cheque this week. 😉

      • poppy72

        I WISH I would get paid for my time here,by the way Prop,I did not see your name on the list,not that I expected it.

      • Brooke Dunne

        How many separate commenting accounts has that asshole created?

        You’re high-fiving a fucking troll, Pro.

  • DoreeenParsons

    This is satire, but there is a list compiled by anti-vaxers. My name is on it and I have the T-shirt. They took the names of people who commented and were consequently banned from anti-vax pages.

    • I am on the list, too, but afraid to get a tshirt. Lots of antivaxers where I live!

      • DoreeenParsons

        I’ve only worn it once – at a skeptics convention.

  • Hey, you left off the 30,000 names ( including mine) on the antivax trolls list!

  • annie

    I never make the list. 🙁 And I really really wanted the shirt!