5 tips for arguing with a vaccine pusher (pharma shill)

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*Op Ed from Bryan Hooker.

So you KNOW vaccines cause autism. You KNOW all the studies are either wrong or part of a global conspiracy. Here are a few tips when you get involved in an argument with a vaccine pusher/pharma shill:

  • Always counter real or scientific evidence with a link to Mercola, Whale.to, Natural News or Age of Autism.
  • Make sure you state that you have “done your research”.
  • Always relay a story about how you have seen either your own child or someone you know “disappear before your eyes” after getting a vaccine. Some other good key words to use are “soulless”, “destroyed” and “taken from us” when describing someone with autism.
  • Whenever possible, make some outlandish connection between Big Pharma and Hitler, Stalin or any other notorious figure from history.
  • If you find yourself backed into a corner (ie. you cannot understand the math or methods section of a paper someone linked to you) simply go with an ad hominem attack. Failing that, simply say “and who funded that study?” followed by an LOL.

If you follow these 5 simple steps, you will never find yourself on the losing end of an internet/social media argument against a pro-vaccine pusher.


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