Only 11,568 more thoughts and prayers needed to help with Hurricane Harvey

TEXAS – The latest report from the front lines of Hurricane Harvey is that just over 11,500 more thoughts and prayers are needed for the victims to be okay.

“We have received many thoughts and prayers from throughout the country and the world, most of which have been great,” explains FEMA member Frank Costello. “We get the occasional strange or dirty thought that seeps through, but mostly they have been very positive and helpful. So far, there just haven’t been quite enough.”

Numerous other efforts are being made by people including changing their profile picture on social media to a Texas flag as well as many hashtags dedicated to the event.

The President himself even went so far as to say “Good Luck” which we are told resonated very well with the people in the hurricane’s path.

“The sentiment from The President was so thoughtful and heartfelt that it really lifted our spirits,” said one Rockport, Texas resident. “The fact that he took the time out of his busy golfing schedule to think about us was really touching.”

FEMA and the governor of Texas are urging anyone to send their thoughts and prayers to help with the impending devastation.

“The most helpful thing people can do in a situation like this is to let others know, through social media, that they are thinking and praying for us,” said the governor. “We’re so close to reaching the required amount of thoughts and prayers to fix this, so please keep them coming.”

The Science Post sends their thoughts and prayers to the victims of Hurricane Harvey.


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