Vaccines one of main reasons for overpopulation, WHO finds


SWITZERLAND – A new study from the World Health Organization has deemed that vaccines are the main cause of overpopulation, due to them causing people to not die.

“We looked at several different factors and determined that vaccines are the leading cause of living,” said the WHO’s Dr. Mike Furlong. “If we want to solve the worlds population problem, eliminating vaccines would be a great start.”

What’s interesting is that both anti-vaccers and pro-vaccers are upset with the study.

“Yes of course vaccines have caused people to live longer and have contributed to population growth, but getting rid of them is a very stupid idea,” said Dr. David Gorac. “Frankly I’m surprised the WHO even released this report.”

On the flip side, anti-science advocate Toni Bark had this to say:

“Vaccines have done nothing but hurt people, so yes I am in favor of eliminating them. But, I disagree that people will start to die if we had no vaccines. All of the diseases that these poisons are supposed to protect us from are harmless anyways. I’ve never seen anyone die from Polio, Measles, Mumps, or any of those diseases. They are completely harmless and a rite of passage for children.”

The study was released today and the WHO says they are expecting some backlash, but stand by their report.

“The facts remain that vaccines have caused many people to continuing living, which in turn leads to population growth.”


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