Study shows Keto, Vegan diets only work if you tell everyone about it

A new study looking at ketogenic and vegan diets has revealed they only yield positive results if the user tells everyone about it.

“We followed four different groups for over two years: two groups who used the diets and told everyone and two groups who followed the diets and didn’t tell anyone,” explained lead researcher Dr. Garth Davies. “We found that the two groups who told everyone about their diets did significantly better than the control groups.”

The study is not without its limitations however: the researchers had difficulty finding enough people for the control groups (people who followed the diets and didn’t tell anyone about it).

“Yes, it was very hard to find those people, for a while we weren’t even sure they existed,” explained Dr. Davies. “While this does limit the power of the study somewhat, we are still confident to recommend that if you want to get the most of the Keto or Vegan diets and lifestyles, you should tell as many people as possible you are doing it.”

The researchers are hoping to do a similar study with cross-fit.

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