Report: Scientists already hard at work on 6G technology, considering which disease to make it cause

A new report has surfaced which shows the worlds scientists and engineers are already hard at work on producing 6G technology. With 5G already rolling out around the world and causing the current COVID-19 pandemic, the teams are currently considering which disease to encode into 6G.

“A respiratory virus is the easiest type of disease to cause with these low frequency waves,” explained Dr. David Thoms. “But that’s been done to death (pardon the pun) so we would really like to try something different this time.”

According to the report, the team is spit-balling several ideas including an ARO (antibiotic resistant organism), a blood born infection, or even a deadly prion disease similar to Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease (CJD/mad cow).

“The world is really our oyster here so to speak,” says Thoms. “The idea of a prion is very exciting. CJD is a great disease, but unfortunately not very contagious. We have also looked at a modified form of measles, just a much deadlier version.”

6G will not be available until at least 2022 and may be pushed back as far as 2024 depending on how the US political landscape is looking at the time.

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