A record 11,000 mosquitoes getting ready for Rio Olympics

Zika, Olympics

RIO, BRAZIL – Over 11,000 mosquitoes are expected to be on hand for the 2016 Summer Olympics this year in Rio, Brazil. The sheer magnitude of numbers has forced mosquito organizers to scramble to make sure everything is ready by Friday.

“We are on target for the 5th and are confident everything will be ready to go,” said International Mosquito Committee president Buzz Stingerton. “We have organized everyone into groups with our most aggressive members targeting women.”

Many people are worried about the potential for the mosquito born virus, Zika, to infect numerous athletes at the games and the potential for the disease to spread globally after the conclusion of the games and the athletes return to their respective home countries.

“We are encouraging all athletes to take the proper precautions which come with any vector-borne illness,” said Dr. Richard Ellis of the WHO. “We fully expect the Olympic games in Rio to be one of the best games on record.”

Reports indicate that the mosquitoes have found their way into the athletes village and are making themselves at home.

“This is great! I’m so honored to represent my species at these games, this is a dream come true,” said one mosquito.

Further updates to follow.

*photo credit: Cagle


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