Mother requests Vitamin K shot, until she learns it is universally recommended

science, health, satire, vaccines.

New mother Louise Kabuto knew prior to delivery that there were several things she would do to give her baby the best start in life – at least she thought she did.

“I knew that I would deliver naturally, breastfeed, co-sleep, and that my little one would get the vitamin K shot,” she told The Spudd. “That is, until I learned a little bit more about that shot.”

Ms. Kabuto explained that she had read newborns were born with insufficient vitamin K and that injections could be used to prevent rare, but devastating brain hemorrhages. “I used to think ‘It was natural and healthy, what is there not to like?’ I soon found out.”

It turned out what was so wrong with the vitamin K shot was that every mainstream pediatrician and major medical organization around the globe had been recommending the shot for decades.

“I thought that I would be the ones teaching my OB and pediatrician-to-be about this vitamin. Boy was I wrong,” she told The Spudd. “They actually brought it up with me first. They suggested the shot without reservation and I soon learned that the CDC, FDA, WHO, UNICEF, and American Academy of Pediatrics all felt the same way. I did my own research and found that bloggers like the Healthy Home Economist were against it. That is when I knew the shot was both dangerous and  unnecessary.”

Proud member of the flock. Possibly evil.