Man who called CDC “Pathological Liars” cites CDC data in rejecting the flu vaccine

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Pediatric chiropractor Dr. Josh Axit told all of his patients this week that the flu vaccine was useless this season, based on a press release from the CDC indicating that the vaccine was a poor match for circulating strains of the influenza virus.

“Due to genetic drift, the flu has mutated rendering the vaccine virtually useless, according to the CDC,” said Dr. Axit. “The nation’s top scientists and epidemiologists at the CDC basically apologized for how worthless the flu vaccine was this year. Why would I ask my patients to inject themselves with a neurotoxin?”

While few of Dr. Axit’s patients were surprised by his recommendation to avoid the flu vaccine, many were caught off guard his use of CDC scientists as a reason. During the “CDC Whistleblower” scandal earlier this year, Dr. Axit’s fierce criticisms of the CDC impressed many of his patients.

“Dr. Axit told us that the CDC was nothing but a mouthpiece for Big Pharma and that there was collusion between media, the scientific community, and the government when it came to vaccines,” said Mike Davida father of 2.  “He said that the CDC had no interest in it’s own claims to protect the people and save lives. So yeah, I was a bit surprised that all of a sudden he is saying the CDC is infallible when it comes to the flu vaccine this year.”

When asked for clarification, Dr. Axit told The Spudd, “The CDC admits the flu vaccine doesn’t work this year. That’s clear. But how can we be expected to trust the CDC when they tell us that vaccines are safe and effective when they are so intertwined with Big pHARMa. You can’t trust the CDC sadly, though even they admit the flu vaccine is useless.  And they should know. They are the CDC after all.”


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