Breaking: Aunt Becky may have helped DJ get into veterinary college

In a breaking story, The Science Post has learned that Rebecca Donaldson aka Aunt Becky, may have bribed the admissions department to get her niece DJ Tanner into veterinary college.

“We are investigating the matter and are taking all of this very seriously,” said FBI spokesman Kevin Gwynn. “We know this is a far reaching scandal and we are not leaving any stone unturned.”

DJ attended UC Berkeley for her undergraduate degree and by all accounts may also have had help from Donaldson there as well. After being rejected by Stanford, DJ was accepted to UCB the very next week.

Donaldson was unavailable for comment but DJ’s longtime friend Kimberly added:

“I know DJ and I know Becky, there is no way any of this is true. DJ is super duper smart just like all the Tannerinos.”

DJ’s younger sisters only replied to a request for comment by saying “How rude” and “You go it dude.”

More on the story as it develops.

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