Anti-vaccine teenager set to testify before Senate cancels after contracting polio

In response to the testimony given this week by Ethan Lindenberger, 18, from Norwalk, Ohio, who went against his mother’s wishes to get vaccinated, the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions invited 19 year old Tanner Timms to also testify.

Tanner is anti-vaccine and so are his parents Karen and Tim. Unfortunately, he was unable to make it to the session after he came down with polio.

“In the interest of false balance, we invited Tanner to come and testify as well. It’s really too bad he had to call in sick with polio,” said Washington state Secretary of Health John Weisman. “Maybe next time….if he survives.

The Timms’ were recently in Pakistan helping extreme locals attack polio vaccine volunteers, or as they call it “spreading da troof.” This is where Tanner was believed to have picked up the infection and promptly brought it back home to the USA.

“We are treating Tanner with essential oils, reiki stones, and lots of faith healing,” said his dad, Tim. “So far he has only got much, much worse so we may have to add on some homeopathy as well.”

Thoughts and prayers.

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