Anti-vaccine mom enjoys fantasies of protecting her kid from imaginary threat of him being forcibly taken from her

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Anti-vaccine mother, Luis Margolis, 37 of New Haven, CT., contacted The Science Post to issue a stark public warning. “My husband and I decided not to vaccinate Jax,” she said, referring to her 5 year-old son. “No one but us can make decisions about his health. And anyone who tries to take him from us for that reason better be prepared for a fight.”

Investigators from The Science Post contacted both her pediatrician, Dr. Anne Sparino, and the principal of her local elementary school, Alyson Habad. Both individuals confirmed that they had made threatening comments towards Ms. Margolis as a result of her decision not to vaccinate Jax.

“I told her that if Jax ever had to come in for a sick visit, he would have to be the last patient of the day,” Dr. Sparino told The Science Post. “I see newborns daily who are too you to have been vaccinated. I could not take the chance that Jax might pass on a vaccine-preventable disease to them.”

Similarly, Ms. Habad told The Science Post that if there was an outbreak of a vaccine-preventable disease at the school, “Jax would have to stay home until it was over. We want to protect him and keep him safe.”

An irate Ms. Margolis told The Science Post that she would use “any means necessary” to defend herself against anyone “who tried to take Jax from us so he could be injected with toxins.”

Proud member of the flock. Possibly evil.