6 cool chemical names to bust out in conversation to impress your coworkers

Here are 6 quick and easy chemical names for everyday substances. Try to slip them into your conversations at work and impress your co-workers! This was a tactic originally devised by the anti-vaccine cult to make people believe they knew stuff about science.


Water – DiHydrogen Monoxide

Salt – Sodium Chloride

Aspirin – Acetylsalicylic acid

Chalk – Calcium carbonate

Rubbing Alcohol – isopropyl alcohol

Asbestos – magnesium silicate


Try using them all in one sentence!

“I think I ate too much sodium chloride, I have a terrible headache. I need a glass of DiHydrogen Monoxide so I can take an acetylsalicylic acid. I also fell and cut my arm on the calcium carbonate board, does anyone have any isopropyl alcohol I can use to sterilize the wound? (cough, cough) Man, it’s really dusty or something in here, I have a terrible cough. You don’t think this building has magnesium silicate in it do you?

If you already use any of these words in everyday conversation, you’re what the French refer to as “le nerde”.


Evil doktor, pharma shill, vaccine chemist, Monsanto spokesperson, GMO lobbyist, chemtrail deployer and false flag organizer.