30-50 feral hogs spotted outside Jeffrey Epstein’s prison cell moments before his death

jeffrey epstein

Jeffrey Epstein, a long time friend to many powerful people, was found dead in his prison cell today and the circumstances surrounding his apparent suicide are vague at best.

Some are blaming powerful Hollywood elites, some the Trump crime family and others the Clinton’s and even the Royal Family. The Science Post has learned exclusively that the CCTV cameras recorded upwards of 50 feral hogs outside Epstein’s cell in the early morning hours.

“We have managed to get our hands on the prison camera footage and can confirm there were 30-50 feral hogs roaming aggressively outside Mr. Epstein’s cell moments before the cameras mysteriously stopped working,” said Dr. Spudd. “We have also learned that Mr. Epstein had been recently vaccinated for a trip to Thailand and had also received this years flu vaccine. We assume these are somehow related to his death as well.”

While most billionaires receive the safe, non-autism causing versions of vaccines from the Gates Foundation, it is believed that Epstein received the regular, toxin-laden influenza vaccine.

Do recently vaccinated people attract feral hogs? This is a question that Big Pharma has refused to study.

Stay tuned for more updates as we follow this breaking story.

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