Worthless doctor can’t even name every possible side effect of all medications

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MIAMI, FL – A mom in Florida is gloating about how she fought and won one for the little guy against her Pharma-controlled doctor last week. Sheryl Atkins, at the urging of friends and family, was in her doctors office for a checkup last week when she began to cough violently.

“The doctor asked me if I was OK” explained Atkins. “I told her I had been having a bad cough for almost a month now, but not too worry as I was treating it naturally.”

Mrs. Atkins has been fighting off her cough, fever and malaise over the past month with ginger, lemon juice and raw garlic. So far, so good says Atkins: “While it’s true I haven’t gotten any better, I also haven’t gotten any worse – which always happens when you take “real” medicine because of the side effects.”

Atkins’ doctor completed a physical examination and believed her to be in serious enough condition to warrant admission to hospital for further testing.

“Yah right” I told her. You expect me to go to a hospital and get pumped full of toxic chemicals?” laughed Atkins.

That’s when Atkins challenged her doctor to name all the possible adverse reactions to any possible medication. “She couldn’t do it. She couldn’t name all the possible risks and side effects of every single antibiotic and medicine ever made, and they wonder why we don’t trust doctors. I’ll do my own research thank you very much,” declared Atkins.

Mrs. Atkins was last seen leaving the clinic grasping her chest and coughing as she attempted to drink her home remedy of hot lemon water, garlic gloves and cucumber extract from her thermos.


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