Why Big Pharma hates this 40 year-old dad

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PORTLAND, OR – 40 year-old Ivan Hanysh has been hated by the pharmaceutical industry for decades. Why? Because he and his family barely have to use their products or services.

“Me and my wife are completely caught up on our adult booster shots and both my children are fully vaccinated,” explained Hanysh.

“We also exercise fairly frequently and we try to eat as healthy as we can, but we’re not crazy about it. I mean, we do eat GMOs and gluten” he laughed.

Upon further investigation it was also revealed that the Hanysh’s don’t buy any supplements or vitamins (some of which are made by companies owned by Big Pharma).

“We make sure we get our flu shots every year and we have our annual check ups at our family doctors as well,” said Hanysh.

According to internal documents uncovered by The Science Post, several pharmaceutical companies are not happy. The leaked emails show several high level pharma executives expressing how angry they are that the Hanysh’s are not skipping their vaccines or doctors appointments.

Mr. Hanysh said he’s not really sure why they are so mad at him since he feels he is just living responsibly.


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