What do they call alternative medicine that has NOT been shown to work?  Lucrative.

Researchers from Yale University released the results of a decade long study on what to call alternative medicine that doesn’t work. According to the researchers, over 100 separate terms were considered, but the clear winner was “lucrative.”

“We considered many terms, ranging from ‘innovative’ to ‘outlandish,’” said the lead author of the study, Dr. David Ness. “However when we compiled the data, ‘lucrative’ was the obvious choice. Whether it was 45 minute reiki sessions for $250 or homeopathic detox supplements at $99 per bottle, lucrative was the term that both proponents and critics of alternative medicine were able to completely agree upon.”

“While naturally I hoped that something like ‘healing’ or ‘curative’ would win,” said online supplement and superfood salesman Yaser Ji, “I understand the reason behind the choice of the word ‘lucrative.’ Still, I hope that your readers will check out my site Naturemedinfo.com and see many of the natural, healthy products we have for sale there.”



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